As long as I can remember, I've had the desire to draw and paint.  When I babysat as a young teenager, I'd draw the children.  The parents always wanted my drawings.  It's a very satisfying feeling to make a piece of canvas come alive.

I've studied fine arts at various local colleges.  Every year I take part in various art related work shops.  These include one with wildlife artist Terry Isaac in northern Wisconsin and one with equine artist John Farnsworth in Santa Fe, N.M.

I belong to several local art groups where I've received many awards, including Best of Show. My portrait "Sabreena", my portrait Daniella, and my pet portrait "Mischief in Red" have been accepted as finalists in the Richeson 75 International Competitions.  Every year I work in "plein air" to improve my skills and enjoy the challenges of out door painting.  I've taken part in the Cedarburg Plein Air Festival for the last couple of years.  This year I took part in the Woodstock Plein Air Event and won first place.  The painting is "On the Square" on the landscape page. 

I have always loved realistic work.  In addition to painting people, I have a passion for painting birds and animals.  Because of my love of nature and the environment, I find that birds and animals are an endless source of inspiration.  Every painting is another chance to capture the beauty of the magnificent creatures who share the world with us.

Most of my wildlife paintings are done from photos.  I take my camera everywhere I go, the forest preserve, the zoo, my neighborhood walks and any trip we take.

Many of my portraits of people are started from life and finished from a photo in my studio.

When I do a plein air painting I try to do most of the painting from life - no time to fuss.

Giclee prints and some originals are available of my paintings on this website.  If you're interested, contact me.

If you're looking for that perfect gift, consider a painting from your photo.  Special requests can be created in either oil or pastel, satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly for ideas or pricing.